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Hi I’m Quint, an engineer who likes to build stuff.  I like it so much I launched a YouTube channel showcasing my BUILDs and educating others in the process.  


Most of us just accept there’s a difference between the classroom and the real world, but to me that’s bonkers!  Physics and math were developed through observation.  Why can’t we teach the same way?


The answer is most classrooms don’t have the resources and skills to do this.  But now, any classroom with an internet connection can benefit from my work and use it to teach physics and math.  There’s zero risk to the students and it’s already edited for those of us with short attention spans.


Thanks for learning with me!


We'd love to hear from you!  Please note that Quint doesn't usually do unboxing videos or review products or games.  If there is an item that could have an interesting educational angle, he may be interested in doing a video on it or discussing it further.

Build2Learn, LLC

16055 SW Walker Road #202
Beaverton, OR 97006

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