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To purchase Quint's GD&T Study Guide, click on BUILD Store and scroll to the bottom.

Quint's Free Engineering Training

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is an engineering standard governing mechanical fits of parts.  Quint is one of 5 people in his home state of Oregon and about 500 individuals worldwide to hold a senior level certification in this standard (ASME Y14.5).  

Back in 2017, after years of answering the same fundamental questions about this standard, Quint decided to produce his own video series on the subject and make it public for everyone to see.  That way when the same questions came up he could send the person a link and go on about his day, plus anyone worldwide could benefit as well.  Then one day Quint got an email from YouTube telling him the channel was eligible to collect ad revenue.  Up to that point everything was out of pocket (hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours) with no sign of recovering any of the cost.  So it was pretty exciting to start getting a whopping 30 cents a day from that work.  It wasn't much but helped fund more materials as well as this website.  That's where Quint eventually published his only piece of paid content to date, a study guide of exercises based on the free videos he produced.

We often see requests in the comments on that channel to produce additional content on advanced subjects but doubt we ever will.  The initial motivation was to help people struggling with the basics.  Once someone gets past that point, they know enough to figure out the rest through use and collaboration with others. 

GD&T is not very exciting but if you work in manufacture or design of parts you ought to understand it.  Quint's instructional content is unique, very high quality and best of all FREE, so all you have to do is click and watch.  If you decide to purchase the study guide we think you'll be glad you did.

The other thing Quint's GD&T content did was teach him the fundamentals of posting on YouTube.  Basics like lighting and sound improved dramatically in the first few videos which is the reason Quint BUILDs was able to hit the ground running.  Anyone inspired by Quint BUILDs or the likes of Mark, Destin, Shane or Derek should seriously consider starting with technical content like Quint did.  You'll be far better off in the long run and learn a ton from the experience.  

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